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  1. 1
    • What Is Mind Balance?

    • Lesson A: Begin Your 30-Day Fighting For Your JOY Challenge!

    • Lesson A: Using Affirmations and Intentions Throughout Your Day (Video)

    • Lesson A: Powerful Thoughts (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Meditation From a Practical Standpoint (Video)

    • Lesson B: Goals and Intentions (Article)

    • Lesson B: Create Patterns of Self Worth (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Dancing with an Emotional Quality (Video)

    • Lesson C: Energy Follows Your Thoughts (Article)

    • Lesson C: Mental Obstacles (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Show Up Just the Way You Are (Video)

    • Lesson D: Guest Post: Creating a Sacred Mind Space (Article)

    • Lesson D: Show Up The Way You Are (Discussion)

  2. 2
    • What is Body Balance?

    • Lesson A: Adorning Your Body and Environment (Video)

    • Lesson A: Exercise and Fun (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Treating Your Body Like a Temple (Video)

    • Lesson B: Dress For the Job You Want, Not The Job You Have (Article)

    • Lesson B: Favorite Things (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Creating a Workout That’s Right for You (Video)

    • Lesson C: Maintaining Nutrition Anywhere in the World (Article)

    • Lesson C: Healthy Recipes (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Resting and Being Still (Video)

    • Lesson D: Creating Sacred Spaces (Article)

    • Lesson D: Sleep and Restfulness (Discussion)

  3. 3
    • What is Spirit & Soul Balance?

    • Lesson A: Finding What’s Sacred For You (Video)

    • Lesson A: What Moves Your Spirit? (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: What About the Atheist or the Agnostic? (Video)

    • Lesson B: Retraining the Mind (Article)

    • Lesson B: Intuitive Knowing (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Using Meditation as a Place to Connect with Self (Video)

    • Lesson C: Love Yourself (Article)

    • Lesson C: Guided Intuition (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: What is Your Intuition Trying to Tell You? (Video)

    • Lesson D: Why I Swim in the Ocean (Article)

    • Lesson D: Fuel Your Spirit (Discussion)

  4. 4
    • What is Purpose?

    • Lesson A: Finding Purpose In Your Work (Video)

    • Lesson A: What Moves Your Spirit? (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: The Ultimate Reward, Finding Joy in Service (Video)

    • Lesson B: Three Questions to Ask When Finding Your Purpose (Article)

    • Lesson B: Career Inspiration (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Is Giving the Missing Key? (Video)

    • Lesson C: Role Models (Article)

    • Lesson C: Prosperity in Your Community (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Living with Purpose (Video)

    • Lesson D: Surround Yourself with People who Inspire You (Article)

    • Lesson D: Service the World (Discussion)

  5. 5
    • Lesson A: We Find What We Want, By Knowing What We Don’t Want (Video)

    • Lesson A: Ideal Relationships (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Relationships with Family (Video)

    • Lesson B: Recognizing Life's Patterns (Article)

    • Lesson B: Family Dynamics (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Honoring Ourselves in the Way We Honor a Lover (Video)

    • Lesson C: Cultivate Authentic Relationships (Article)

    • Lesson C: Finding What You Want (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Community Makes Us Stronger! (Video)

    • Lesson D: How to Disconnect from Technology to Reconnect with Yourself (Article)

    • Lesson D: Honor Relationships (Discussion)

  6. 6
    • Lesson A: Finding FUN in Your Work (Video)

    • Lesson A: Authentic Self at Work (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Most Comedy Comes From Tragedy (Video)

    • Lesson B: Lessons Learned From Taking First Real FUN Vacation in Years (Article)

    • Lesson B: Comedy in Tragedy (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Fake It Till You Make It (Video)

    • Lesson C: Why Laughter Fuels the Soul (Article)

    • Lesson C: Laugh Until You Cry (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: FUN Makes Life Better (Video)

    • Lesson D: Building a Community Around FUN (Article)

    • Lesson D: Do Something That Makes You Giggle (Discussion)

  7. 7
    • Lesson A: Identifying Blocks in Making Your Dreams Reality (Video)

    • Lesson A: Prosperity in Your Life (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: What Prosperity Really Looks Like (Video)

    • Lesson B: Attracting Prosperity (Article)

    • Lesson B: Magnetize Abundance (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Clear the Clutter (Video)

    • Lesson C: Visualize the Life You Dreamed (Article)

    • Lesson C: Clear Some Clutter (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Rejoice in Small Beginnings (Video)

    • Lesson D: Make Your Own PR Statement (Article)

    • Lesson D: Celebrate New Beginnings (Discussion)

  8. 8
    • Lesson A: How-To Create Your Ideal Career (Video)

    • Lesson A: Enjoyable Aspects of Your Job (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Become an Indispensable Member of Your Team (Video)

    • Lesson B: 5 Ways to Win in the Workplace (Article)

    • Lesson B: Your Unique Contributions (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: What Do Top Companies Want? (Video)

    • Lesson C: Transitioning Jobs with Grace (Article)

    • Lesson C: Expand Your Community (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Work-Life Balance (Video)

    • Lesson D: Leaving Work at Work (Article)

    • Lesson D: Find Work-Life Balance (Discussion)

  9. 9
    • Lesson A: Siobhan’s “Earthquake Kit” to Manage the Traumas of Life (Video)

    • Lesson A: Pain & Frustration (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Establishing a Regimen to Heal Yourself (Video)

    • Lesson B: How I Use Positive Thinking to Heal Myself (Article)

    • Lesson B: Establish a Sense of Safety (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Fighting For Joy Amidst Trauma and Depression (Video)

    • Lesson C: How Do We Keep the Mind Focused During Tough Times (Article)

    • Lesson C: Go-To People (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: How To Thrive and Not Survive (Video)

    • Lesson D: Let's Not Be Careless With Our Hearts (Article)

    • Lesson D: Thrive (Discussion)

  10. 10
    • Lesson A: Be Impeccable With Your Word (Video)

    • Lesson A: Live Up to Your Word (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Don't Take Anything Personally (Video)

    • Lesson B: Strategies for Shaking Off That Negative Voice in Your Head (Article)

    • Lesson B: Don't Take It Personally (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Don't Make Assumptions Quality (Video)

    • Lesson C: Taking Your Power Back from a Difficult Situation (Article)

    • Lesson C: Inner-Knowing (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Always Do Your Best (Video)

    • Lesson D: Wisdom From Relationships (Article)

    • Lesson D: Celebrate Your Best (Discussion)

  11. 11
    • Lesson A: Gratitude and Happiness (Video)

    • Lesson A: Feel Fortunate (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: How to Write a Gratitude List (Video)

    • Lesson B: Happiness is a Choice (Article)

    • Lesson B: Choose Happiness & Gratitude (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Imagine What We Can Accomplish (Article)

    • Lesson C: Be More Grateful (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Finding Gratitude in Your Career (Video)

    • Lesson D: How Siobhan Traded in a Job She Liked for a Job She Loved (Article)

    • Lesson D: Work Life Gratitude (Discussion)

  12. 12
    • Lesson A: How Do You Re-Energize Dull Areas of Your Life? (Video)

    • Lesson A: What Has Resonated With You? (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Acknowledging How Far You’ve Come (Video)

    • Lesson B: Why Routines Help Us Navigate the Day (Article)

    • Lesson B: How Have Routines Changed? (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: For People Who Say, "I Have No Time" (Video)

    • Lesson C: Stop Working Harder, Work Towards Success (Article)

    • Lesson C: New Routines & Practices (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: How to Look at Weaknesses as Strengths (Video)

    • Lesson D: Things You Might Regret Later (Article)

    • Lesson D: What Are Your Strengths? (Discussion)

  13. 13
    • Lesson A: Oceans (Video)

    • Lesson A: Visualization - Ocean (Article)

    • Lesson A: Water & Your Emotions (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: The Sun (Video)

    • Lesson B: Visualization - The Sun (Article)

    • Lesson B: The Sun & Your Energy (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Mountains (Video)

    • Lesson C: Visualization - Mountains (Article)

    • Lesson C: Nature & Purposeful Thinking (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Gardens (Video)

    • Lesson D: Visualization - Forest (Article)

    • Lesson D: Get Through Your Challenges (Discussion)

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