Start Living a More Joyful & Meaningful Life

Learn how to build rituals and practices for a happy, thriving, and prosperous life with Siobhan Neilland and the Fighting for Your JOY program.

Fighting For Your JOY is a culmination of practices and teachings from Siobhan’s cultivated lifestyle that balance mind, body, spirit, fun, and purpose that can resonate with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Can You Relate?

• Do you feel disconnected from the joyful person you once were and wonder how to get it back?

•  Do you feel at times that you are your own worst enemy?

•  Do you often feel guilty for not feeling happy even though you have a lot or even some reasons you should feel happy?

•  Do you sometimes fake being happy and positive for others in your life?

•  Do you feel drained because you are always trying to make other people happy and not yourself?

•  Do you have traumatic experiences in your life that you struggle to let go of or move past?

•  Do you protect your feelings by avoiding feeling joyful and hopeful in life?

•  Do you feel like you have no purpose or lack drive or time to find your passion?

If you, like me, answered yes to most of these questions, then let's walk through this together and Fight for OUR Joy towards a more meaningful, happy, and prosperous way of life!

Don't we all feel like we are continually fighting for our rights and freedoms as human beings?

More than ever, we need to fight for joy through our actions and values, not just our independent political affiliations.

As long as there are those who are working to extinguish the rights of those who are most vulnerable, we must fight hard to make sure a life of JOY and FREEDOM is accessible to everyone!

By joining together in a practice of fighting for our own JOY and putting on our own oxygen mask first, we gain the tools necessary to then share and spread our JOY to others, inspiring them to fight for their JOY as well--thus, creating a beautiful cycle using JOY as currency for a healthy and prosperous life!

That's why we say, "Fighting for Your Joy and the Joy of Others."


Below are our generally asked questions, however, if you have any questions at all, please contact us.

  • Who is this community for?

    The Fighting for Your JOY community is for anyone looking to find joy in their everyday life. Fighting for Your JOY is for you if you’re feeling unfulfilled, anxious, or like you’re missing something in your life. Siobhan Neilland and the entire Fighting for Your JOY community will help guide you to a path of purpose, happiness, and prosperity and to help you fight for your joy and the joy of others.

  • What is included in Fighting for Your JOY?

    With your free membership, you will gain access to the Fighting for Your JOY community network–including themed articles, videos, and daily affirmations. With a full membership, 100% of your membership fee goes fund mamas and babies in impoverished communities. Since the Fighting For Your Joy movement includes the critical piece of giving back, this entire program is doing just that.

  • How will I benefit from Fighting for Your JOY?

    The goal of Fighting for Your JOY is to help you harness a life filled with purpose, love, passion, and prosperity. In addition to improving your own life from within, you’ll continuously be encouraged and supported to change the world around you for the better.

  • How much does the eCourse cost?

    The eCourse is entirely offered for free of charge. It is a gift to those who seek more JOY in their lives and need help making lasting change to accomplish that. We only ask that if you believe in the currency of JOY and the cycle of good that it has the power to create, then we ask for a kind donation of any value. Your donation is tax-deductible and used to support the 501(c)3 NGO You can see all pricing options here.

  • What if I have questions?

    If you have questions regarding this eCourse, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or Contact Us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your interest in being a part of the inner-circle of the Fighting for Your JOY movement!

I truly believe that fighting for your joy and fighting for the joy of others creates a vehicle for powerful global and social change, as well as gives YOU a sense of well-being. This program will help you harness a life filled with purpose, love, passion, and prosperity while providing the necessary tools for empowerment to mamas in Africa through the organization programs.

Fighting for Your JOY doesn’t mean I’m joyful all the time. It means I’m fighting for morsels of joy in my life, wherever I can find them, even on the hardest of days and regardless of my circumstances–and that is what I hope this community will bring to you. 

Within our community program, I share personal rituals and routines that help me live my most joyful life no matter what is going on around or through me. These tools derived from many years of personal discovery and I use them still today. I am in the trenches with you and it is my honor to walk alongside you. It is my hope that together we can create a world community of change. 

The goal of the Fighting for Your JOY community is to create a movement that builds rituals and practices for a happy, thriving, and prosperous life, creating JOY as a new global currency for success—all while giving back! 100% of your purchase goes directly back to Mamas of the OneMama family and immediately saves lives. 

Thanks so much for sharing in this fight with me! I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together to spread joy in our lives and to others across the world!





a Joy Warrior

“The very way this program is designed proves the Fighting For Your Joy methodology working in action! Siobhan shares her joy with us, which brings her joy and us joy as she offers us the tools to harness our joy and then the importance to share it with others, all while we are collectively giving back and spreading joy to mothers in need, literally saving lives with the joy that we share!

Fighting for joy has been a game-changer for me!”


FightingForYourJoy Warrior

“I have found the Fighting for Your Joy course to be uplifting, personal, and rewarding since it is uniquely tied to a greater purpose with the support it gives to the OneMama non-profit.

The insights, articles, videos, the discussions that I find in the course content all provide me with tools and personal awakenings that I can use in my daily life. Yet, because the program is designed as part of a larger concept, I feel like I am part of this movement to make the world a more joy-full place.”