The Fighting For Your JOY movement is a culmination of practices and teachings from Siobhan’s cultivated lifestyle that balances mind, body, spirit, fun, and purpose which can translate to anyone, anywhere in the world.


Businesswoman, social entrepreneur, and international speaker, Siobhan Neilland, is dedicated to being a catalyst for positive global change. As a business and organizational staffing consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Oracle, and Visa, Siobhan builds the teams these global corporations need to be successful. Under her firm, SER Consulting, Siobhan even consulted for Amazon in what has now been nicknamed internally as the “Area 51 of Amazon” – the international eCommerce giant’s new product division responsible for releasing emerging technology.

With over ten years in the business, Siobhan has now translated for-profit core methodologies into building an international non-profit organization that utilizes these methodologies to organize a three-tier infrastructure for the OneMama.org Organization. OneMama.org is a self-sustaining medical clinic in Uganda that promotes safe birthing environments, family and financial planning, as well as tradecraft and agricultural education. She set out to create self-sustainable communities around the world after overcoming her own obstacles of illness, poverty and the loss of her child. Siobhan created OneMama.org in an effort to help the world render strife into peace – empowering women to have a voice…the same way that she found hers.

She is passionate about her motto that “fighting for your joy is peace in action.” “I’ve witnessed its journey and powerful effects, and want everyone to know how important it is to face the parts of ourselves that scare us, and transmute them to radiate change in ourselves in order to inspire the change in others!” Siobhan’s unique stance on fighting for joy and addressing the battle of internal imbalances to translations of peace has helped not only her own journey through global achievement and social entrepreneurship, but also thousands of women and men who seek to be inspired and who want to inspire and support others – ultimately creating a balanced and prosperous global collective.
In 2009, Siobhan founded ShaBoom Products – an all natural and paraben-free mineral cosmetic and skincare line for men and women – as a long-term fundraising machine for OneMama.org. The mission of ShaBoom Products is for every man and woman to look and feel great, inside and out while creating social awareness. Mixing “lotions and potions” to heal her body, the company expanded with Siobhan’s vision. These products, formulated with naturally derived ingredients, keep skin healthy, fresh, and protected from everyday elements. Additionally, a percentage of proceeds is donated to OneMama.org so clients feel great knowing their personal products improved the lives of those families in need globally.
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Today, Siobhan continues her fight for joy as a Fortune 500 consultant, philanthropist, U.N. delegate, motivational speaker, and author. Siobhan’s philosophies are at the very core of social entrepreneurialism and are just a small example of the immense potential for creating a global economy using joy as its currency. “Fighting for Your JOY! A Fortune 500 Consultant & Non-Profit CEO Shares Her Secrets on Overcoming Adversity, Achieving Success, & Having More Fun,” her book and movement reveal a glimpse behind the business and personal life philosophies created for success! These strategies focus on supporting social entrepreneurship, overcoming adversity, and creating social global change to create joy!


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“I have found the Fighting for Your JOY year long course to be uplifting, personal, yet uniquely tied to a greater purpose with the support it gives to OneMama.org.

The daily insights, articles, the videos, the discussions that I find in the sight all provide me with tools and awakenings that I can use in my daily life. Yet, because the site is designed as part of a larger concept, I feel like I am part of this movement to make the world a more joy-full place.”


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